Banana Republic and Clos Du Bois.. In Love!

I love partnerships. I love  synergies. I love being random and unpredictable!

I also love THIS from the Wall Street Journal:

Bananas UP! Banana Republic Draws Wine Collaboration

It’s something so unique and innovative within the wine industry because it creates this shock and awe consumer reaction that not many wine brands are risky enough to do. I love seeing wine break through from the traditional marketing/advertising and entering into more of an integrated marketing role.  I’ve also seen wine brands and distributors begin to magnify their brand via BLOGGING, FACEBOOKING, TWEETING, etc. to gain more visibility and loyalty for their wines.

With this, the partnership between Banana Republic and Clos Du Bois and it’s beautifully branded bottles (visually and contextually) is sure to do some marketing on it’s own via word of mouth, because it really is a “party in a bottle” and who wouldn’t want to spread that around to give some extra cheer to the Holidays! I mean, a code on the bottle that you scan to get a “Custom Party Playlist” – HOW COOL!

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