BOTTLEROCKET – The Ultimate Wine Store

Picture this – When opening a door you see a wall neatly displaying an array of wine with individual descriptions placed exactly to the right of each free standing wine, wooden islands full of wine categorized by “GRASS”, “MEAT”, “TAKE OUT”, “GIFTS”, “TREATS”, “EXPLORE”, “EVENTS” and a library filled with teachings of food and wine…    It’s an amazing experience for consumers to purchase their wine and it’s life changing (well, compared to your average wine store)!!

As my good friend and I were waiting to be seated outside of the Coffee Shop in Union Sq. a man was walking around with a big purple sign with white writing that read “BOTTLE ROCKET WINE –Experience a New Way to Buy Wine.” Of course I was immediately intrigued so we inquired what “Bottlerocket” was and he handed us a card with a 10% discount off of our first purchase of wine!  I stopped by the store, which was very modern looking, and I felt an amazing energy as soon as I walked in.  I was extremely impressed with the unique way they set up their wine, not to mention how neat and evenly spread out everything was.  The islands were very detailed in regards to category, and wines that were displayed on the wall had very comprehensive  yet succinct tasting notes and ratings of each bottle.  Prices varied but offered a reasonable range from a less than $10 bottle to an over $50 bottle.  Since all details are right in front of you it is very self-serving, thus you know exactly what you are getting when walking out of the store with no doubts.

Some additional elements that add to the experience – they sell cook/wine books and have pre-made wine gift baskets for different occasions for purchase in the back.  Not that I have kids, but I found it very convenient that there was an area for children to “hang out” while parents pick out their wine for their occasion.  They have free wine tastings and offer classes in the store.  And as an added bonus – they deliver (but only in their area) -  9th – 29th streets, 3rd to 8th avenues.

The store engages customers with experience, trial, and copious amounts of knowledge to make the purchase process as seamless as possible and I feel that they are doing a great job!  So salud to YOU – BOTTLEROCKET and I hope have continued success and open a store in Hell’s kitchen or the UWS (for selfish reasons!).


“FIND wines organized the way you live your life.  LISTEN to great music. Learn about wine in bite-sized nuggets. PLAY with your children in our kids’ nook.  READ wine and food books in our bookstore.  DANCE if you feel like it.”

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  • Adam Muriello

    This sounds amazing, and definitely worth the trip from uptown. Keep up the posts, this is great info!