Bridging the Gap Between Wine and Fashion

Do you crave wine in the oddest of places?  Do you wish you could take wine on the go but not look too like much like a “lush” or have a big box of wine cram your style?  Well fear not, take a peak at this ‘leatheresque’ wine box carrier that you can call home to your next happy hour!  I am always looking for new ways to carry box of wine when traveling to the Hamptons on the Jitney or on the Amtrak home to Boston and this is perfect!  No sketchy paper bag necessary! Just remove the plastic filled with wine from the box and insert into the Baggy Winecoat and done, you are ready to start serving wherever you are!


Seen in and NY Mag’s The Cut 

For recomendations on a few box of wine brands you will be interested in - BOX, CAN, KEG O WINE


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  • Adam Muriello

    This is awesome!!!

  • moscato

    Keep working ,great activity!