Essentials for a ‘Tasteful’ Bar Cart!

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are over, but it’s so exciting that we have entered into a new year!  Now is the time to recharge to full energy and check off all the boxes that you’ve wanted to do for some time now.  It’s the time of year to really get motivated to start new exhilarating projects and actually finish them.

After much holiday entertaining and being entertained in 2012, I’ve noticed that nothing makes more of a statement at an intimate gathering than the hosts ‘bar’.  This is because it’s not just a place to make a cocktail or pour a glass of wine, but yet it’s a time when you are interacting with other guests and can ‘make a drink’ and even a friend at the bar.  How many times have you said,  “Want to make another drink”?  I’m sure plenty.   Your bar is your chance to show your guests your personal style and since it is the center focus of your party, wouldn’t you want it to be a masterpiece?

As we enter into 2013 it is time.  Time to clean up your ‘bar’, get rid of the clutter and start with a clean slate filled with fabulous wines going into 2013. So wipe off the lingering champagne drops from your NYE party, get ride of those half full bottles and start fresh with a stylish yet tidy bar (get rid of clutter!).

Lauren, one of my dearest friends in the world and amazing celebrity fashion stylist with a passion for interior décor, has shared with us a few ideas on prepping your bar for an amazing year!

Essentials for creating a ‘Tasteful’ bar!

  1. Always have Pellegrino glass bottles
  2. 2 bottles of nice champs (Veuve Cliquot, Ruinart, Moet etc.)
  3. Add fake limes in a nice dish
  4. A pop of color can add a nice touch to your bar. Try adding a colorful flower in a vase
  5. Incorporate some sort of interesting glassware
  6. Throw a few fab crystal wine stoppers on for decoration or slices of geode coasters {here} in a fun color to go with flowers
  7. Come up with a theme and make sure everything complements each other. I love working with metallics, such as gold with a bright pop of color of fuchsia or cobalt blue
  8. Keep out Clutter!!

Bar Cart

What fabulous ideas, thanks Lauren! Be sure to check out Lauren’s website {here} for more stylish ideas and services!

To get started, Elle Decor {here} has an amazing list of unique and inspiring bar carts you can use as a blank canvas!  Let your creativity flow and your personal style shine!

Let the 2013 entertaining begin! Cheers!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! As you are gearing up for Superbowl weekend I hope you ring in this year’s greatest Sunday Funday in style with some pre-game Prosecco Momosas and some game time wine! Keep in touch with winepug though, she may be sharing some football and Champagne inspired desserts to bring to your tailgate!

Happy Superbowl Weekend!


“Sabering” Into the New Year… With an iPad!

I know it’s been a while since my last post prior to the holidays, however, I recently started a new job at the start of the New Year so things have been a bit hectic. But of course didn’t want to start out the year without saying Happy New Year to you all!  

It’s a New Year, with a new job, and a new way to “saber” a Champagne bottle… with a new iPad.

2012 is going to be a GREAT year my friends!  


Winepug’s Holiday Gift Guide!

At last, it’s the most joyous time of year filled with love, music and happiness!  I think that gift giving and spreading holiday cheer to a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger is the most satisfying feeling ever!  I love seeing people smile and making their day with a great gift (whether it costs money or is a DIY)!  That being said, winepugnyc is proud to share with you the 2011 gift giving guide for all of the wine lovers in your life! Take a peak and enjoy!

1. Their perfect coffee table book {here}; 2.Tory Burch wine carrier for the uber stylish {here}; 3. Fabulous Champagne Ornament for those bubbly lovers {here}; 4.For those who like to swirl {here}; 5. Swanson’s fabulous night cap for the person who has everything {here} 6. The Gift of selection for the undecided from {here} 7. Classic Cakebread {here} 8. Beautiful for entertaining {here}; 9. A rustic and stylish display {here}; 10. Modern and fashionable way to drink wine {Black - here and Clear - here}

Marathoning with Sofia Mini’s

Don’t get me wrong a sprtizy mimosa in the morning before watching the NYC Marathon is nice however, why not change it up a bit and serve these fabulous and flirty Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs from Francis Ford Coppola Winery {find them here}!  It will certainly wake you up and  get you in mood to go out and cheer on all of the runners! Aside from a Marathon party, these are great for any party you are hosting as each can comes with it’s own straw and clearly they are fabulous looking and look beautiful when displayed over ice!  Just another feature for your guests to obsess over! 

Bridging the Gap Between Wine and Fashion

Do you crave wine in the oddest of places?  Do you wish you could take wine on the go but not look too like much like a “lush” or have a big box of wine cram your style?  Well fear not, take a peak at this ‘leatheresque’ wine box carrier that you can call home to your next happy hour!  I am always looking for new ways to carry box of wine when traveling to the Hamptons on the Jitney or on the Amtrak home to Boston and this is perfect!  No sketchy paper bag necessary! Just remove the plastic filled with wine from the box and insert into the Baggy Winecoat and done, you are ready to start serving wherever you are!


Seen in and NY Mag’s The Cut 

For recomendations on a few box of wine brands you will be interested in - BOX, CAN, KEG O WINE


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