A Vow to Winepug Wednesday’s!

On this rainy Wednesday while I had a TINY bit of downtime at work (aka was walking to grab a quick coffee), I got to thinking that I need to manage my time better between my day job and night job.  As a marketer by day and wine blogger by night (well every free minute I have), I know that consistency and routine matters however, it’s a hard thing to do when you are juggling jobs, hobbies, friends, fiancés etc., especially in the city that never sleeps (which it really doesn’t).  So today, on this rainy Wednesday (I repeat) I am making a pledge to start Winepug Wednesday’s where I am dedicating Wednesday night’s to review one bottle of wine in various price ranges for those casual bbq’s and outdoor picnics to the fancy dinner parties and fabulous dates.   This way, you can rely on a recommendation for your parties, gatherings etc. that are coming up in the week/weekend ahead.  And please, if you need help picking the perfect wine for the perfect occasion, just shout it out!

With that, on to my first Winepug Wednesday! Salud!


Winepug Wednesday – Drakenskloof, South Africa

Don’t be fooled by the “dracula-esque” look and feel of this bottle because this is a mighty fine drinking wine that should be passed around the table (if you’re willing to share). On this rainy Wednesday we opened up a bottle from South Africa’s finest, The Western Cape which was a pleasant surprise in my most recent Zagat Wine Club delivery.  Have you heard of Pinotage?  I hadn’t, until I sipped this beautiful wine that is filled with dark berry flavors (blackberries, blueberries – YUM) with a hint of spice that offers a bit of relief on the heavy berry flavor that transitions nicely to an elegantly smooth finish.  Pinotage is South Africa’s signature grape, has spice like a Shiraz and/or Malbec, and deep fruit like a Cabernet to give you an idea of what you are dealing with.  It’s light enough to think of it as a ‘drinking’ wine yet heavy enough to bring to a fancy dinner party but not spend $50 for a bottle. Another great wine for a great value – retails $16.99.  So where to buy in NYC?  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find it in NYC but can order online {here} or if Out of Stock try Zagat Wine {here}.

Hope you enjoy!  Cheers!

WINEPUGNYC IS Thursday’s Thirsty Girl!

To my dear fans, readers, wine lovers, friends and family,

Today I am featured as Thirsty Girl’s “Thursday Thirsty Girl!” {CLICK}

I am so honored to be featured this week and so happy that I am able to continue to share and spread my love of wine to all of you!

I appreciate the support and participation and wanted to thank each and every one of you for your following!

Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Stay Thirsty, Stay Foolsih

Your Perfect Wine Club

How nice is it to not have to make decisions. We come from a life where making decisions determines our fate, destiny, and quite simply what mood we will be in for the rest of the day, week, year… So how about I make this simple for all and share with you some of the best wine club offers out there to match your personality! Click each wine club name for more details!

Zagat Wine Club – For: The Risk Taker

Some of the finest hand picked wines from boutique wineries from around the world is what you will find with Zagat.  As they are with restaurants, they are with their wine – precise with a bit of education that goes a long with it.  Branch out, take risks and try some wineries you might not have heard of! I just signed up for this one… Love the wines they picked!

  • $69.99 for your first shipment of 12 wines
  • 4 tasting glasses
  • Zagat binder with comprehensive tasting notes

Williams Sonoma Wine Club -For: The Perfectionist

Just like how they merchandise their store each wine is carefully picked by the experts and is strategically considered for each level. A premium wine club to host the perfect gathering or holiday party!

3 Tiers

  •  The Explorer Club - Six Bottles of Exceptional Wine – $90
  • The Entertainer Club - Six Bottles of Fine Wine – $180
  • The Connoisseur Club - Six Bottles of Reserve Wine (4 red, 2 white) – $360 OR Three Bottles of Reserve Wine (2 red, 1 white) – $180

WSJwine Discovery Wine Club - For: The Overachiever

You can enjoy quality wines from top regions and even better, you can send back a bottle that you didn’t like and get another option! A great option if you love quality wine at a pretty penny that doesn’t suit the weekly budget. You get those high quality wines at a great price!

  • Introductory 12 wines for $120
  • Crystal Riedel Decanter
  • Tasting notes and binder

Cellars Premium Wine Club – For: The Explorer

A great wine club for the novice and people who are interested in starting to get into the world of wine! Offers a few wines for a reduced price to get you started and not overwhelm.  Wines are offered from around the world and some that are not even offered at retail! Great introductory club to get your inner wine god/goddess flowing!

  • 2 unique /lesser known wines (Your choice of combination reds/whites) for $29.95

Tastingroom.com Wine Club – For: The Conscientious and Adventurous

Try all the wines that you’ve been dying to spend that little extra cash on by tasting these 50ml bottles of wine!  Hold a mini tasting and receive online discounts on the full size bottle! Not to mention they throw in an amazing added bonus – VIP access at participating wineries! Not too shabby!
2 Tiers
  • The Adventurer Club – Exclusive wine club sampler with 2 full bottles chosen by you and discounts off of wine – $59.99
  • The Trailblazer Club – Wine club sample with discounts off of bottles – $29.99


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, consider including ONEHOPE Wine into the mix at your next dinner party.  Not only does it taste great, you will also be sipping to a great cause!  They say red wine is good for your heart, sprinkle in a little charitable goodness and your heart will be LOVING you! 

Bloomspot is having a great sale on ONEHOPE Wine $40 for $100 of wine and merchandise.  Take a look and if you haven’t done your part to do something proactive for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, now’s your chance! Click Here —- BLOOMSPOT ONEHOPE WINE PROMOTION


California Wine With A Sprinkle of Soulful Music Makes…

“The Dreaming Tree!” 

Looks like “The Dreaming Tree” has arisen from the dead!

Another awesome celebrity partnership – Dave Matthews has teamed up with Constellation wines to introduce the “Dreaming Tree” brand of wines which I am sure will be filled with ripe dark fruits and lots of  SOUL with strong finishes!!  


**Photos from www.dreamingtreewine.com

A great quote from the wine maker that gives you an idea of the thought behind the creation – “A lot of imagination goes into both creation of music and the creation of wine” – Steve Reeder.  

Take an inside look http://www.dreamingtreewines.com and let your dreams pour out!

To read more click the link below!


Champagne Punch!

Not only am I obsessed with Mrs. Lilien’s – Styling House Blog, love the fashion, her cute rhymes, colors, and the graphic designing… I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the fact that she is always sneaking in something to do with wine and champagne with such elegance!  And with the sweltering heat around here lately, Izze + Champagne Punch sounds good to me! Here is her fabulous post from today! Dare you to try it this weekend and let me know how it is!!!

Champagne Punch For One 

There’s nothing quite like a party of one – which is why drinking alone can be so much fun! You can make something fancy without all the pomp – and keep it all for yourself, which let’s face it, is what you really want! So here I give you my champagne punch for one – so good, it’ll dance the cha-cha on your tongue! Pour a split of champagne into a highball half-filled with ice – leaving a little room at the top for melon soda, all sparkly and nice! float fresh starfruit slices in the glass then give it a stir – then sip that sucker down with a straw if you prefer. I’m not sure there’s anything more delightfully ad hoc – than a highball of champagne punch for one filled to the very top!


Off Roading in Sonoma – Day 3: Detour to Napa

As I have said before in “Swanson Vineyards, My Obsession” Swanson Vineyards has a certain aura about it that just rubs me and I’m sure all of its followers the absolute RIGHT way!

On our third day of our wine extravaganza we made one last stop in Napa to Swanson Vineyards where all of the magic that I saw in the brand and on the bottles came to life before my eyes. It started with a special tasting for 10 people sitting around a round table in their magnificent and very intimate Sip Shoppe (a lovely Victorian room with a formal tasting), listening to tales from the charismatic proprietor Clarke Swanson himself and getting to know the 10 strangers around us sipping on the finest wines the vineyard had to offer. Not only were we in the finest most fabulous room with an amazing ambience we were also tasting Swanson wines with a gracious plate filled with fine cheeses, caviar and the world’s best chocolate. It was something I can’t even describe so I hope my photos do it justice. This is a MUST when visting wine country – we were focused on Sonoma but had to carve out a day to spend at Swanson. We then went to a wonderful lunch at the most elegant Bouchon Bistro in downtown Yountville, CA with Mr. Clarke Swanson and continued our discussion about wines and other fun ideas about his delicious and famous Merlot! P.S. I’m not a merlot lover, but this is a kind Merlot that turns around the non-lovers!

To see “Off Roading in Sonoma – Day Two” click HERE


Yet another amazing ‘wine’ find while flipping through my daily WWD!

This concept sparked my interest when I was putting together my Boston Red Sox Charity Wine post as I would love to see more of this, especially in a time where natural disasters are happening more frequently and concurrently.  Since wine and spirits are essentially ‘recession proof’ why not have wine labels partner with a charity to raise money for a good cause since everyone is going to purchase it anyway. How about sipping on a fine wine while doing good simultaneously.  Brilliant, and I hope someday this will evolve into an omnipresent initiative within wine and distribution companies…  Can’t wait to see their facebook campaign!

   to each, their own: seven individualistic wines

Soles4Souls Partners With Wine Company

Soles4Souls has a new partner.

The nonprofit has partnered with FlipFlop Wines — launched earlier this year by Underdog Wine Merchants — and for every bottle sold, $1 is donated to the shoe charity.

“The sell-throughs have been phenomenal,” said Soles4Souls founder and CEO Wayne Elsey.

For fall, the wine brand will launch a “Flipping Good” Facebook campaign and offer a sweepstakes for the holiday season. Winners will have the opportunity to go on a distribution trip with Soles4Souls.

The wine sells across the U.S. for $7 MSRP and will feature the Soles4Souls logo. The company is aiming to sell between 20,000 and 50,000 cases, according to David Georges, vintner for FlipFlop Wines.

“We wanted to include a do-good project [with the launch], so this was the perfect opportunity and timing,” said Georges. “Bloggers have been crazy about the partnership, and it’s hard to keep the wine on the shelves.”

According to Elsey, Soles4Souls may also have other deals in the works, including with a car company, although he wouldn’t release further details.

“One of our many strategic alliances is we’re looking at expanding our non-endemic partners,” he said.


Soles4Souls is a Nashville-based charity that collects shoes from the warehouses of footwear companies and the closets of people like you. The charity distributes these shoes to people in need, regardless of race, religion, class, or any other criteria. Since 2005, Soles4Souls has given away over 14 million pairs of new and gently worn shoes (currently donating one pair every 7 seconds.) The shoes have been distributed to people in over 127 countries, including Kenya, Thailand, Nepal and the United States. Soles4Souls has been featured in Runner’s World, Ladies’ Home Journal, National Geographic’s Green Guide, and The New York Times. It has appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, BBC, CNN and thousands of regional news outlets across North America. Soles4Souls is a 501(c)(3) recognized by the IRS and donating parties are eligible for tax advantages. Anyone can join our cause, and we need your help.

Underdog Wine Merchants

Underdog Wine & Spirits, an unleashed unit of The Wine Group, is the champion of emerging brands for the new millennium: the “underdogs” of the sometimes stuffy wine and spirits world. We work with domestic and international producers to craft unique adult beverages that are a breed apart. The home of Cupcake, Fish Eye, flipflop, Big House and Octavin Home Wine Bar, our portfolio includes many of today’s most dynamic growth brands

Best ‘Wine Deal’ Websites

A huge wine trend happening right now are wine websites offering bottles, cases, accessories etc. at a steal of a discount!  I have featured a few of my favorites and most valuable sites below that I highly recommend you sign up for and check out!  Enjoy!


A great “sign up” website where you receive daily emails on wine deals from around the world.

“Based in the heart of Sonoma’s Wine Country, invino sources wine from around the globe to give members access to top producers and emerging brands with preferred pricing at up to 70% off retail. Hand-picked wines selected by a Tasting Panel, sales events launch daily, with wines available exclusively to members for 24-72 hours on average.”


By the founders of Snooth.com this invitation only wine sale website is very exclusive, offering the best of the best in premium quality wine deals and once your “in” you’ll never go back!! Sort of an “Ebay” style of buying fabulous wines!

“Lot18 is a membership by invitation website for wine and epicurean products from coveted producers at attractive discounts. Our members have access to some of the finest wines and specialty foods, made available in small quantities at extraordinarily low prices. Lot18 evokes the auction lots of old, where savvy consumers were able to bid on fantastic products at incredible values.”

Wine Anthology

With many coupon offerings, wholesale prices, and a wide range in selection of wines, this website has a library of deals that will fit any type of occasion!  It is very easy to sign up and subscribe, just click to join their mailing list and you will receive detailed newsletters on their daily offerings!   They also offer spirits, accessories and much more for an amazing value!  Also a wine store right off of the Garden State Parkway!


One Kings Lane – On Sundays

“One Kings Lane partners with top brands and designers to give our members insider access to designer décor, entertaining and travel needs, food & wine, fantastic gift selections, and exclusive tag sales curated by today’s top tastemakers – at up to 70% off retail.”  Another great “sign up” website where you receive daily emails on upcoming sales!

“The Pantry” occurs every Sunday and offers top wines and accessories for their wine loving readers! They offer very classy and festive wine bottles/”packages” great for a Sunday brunch or dinner party!

“A delicious Sunday tradition that features hand-selected gourmet foods and wines.”


Great website to get daily wine deals.  But you have to be fast to react as they only last for 24 hrs!

“So every weekday, wine.woot.com will uncork a sweet new wine deal. (Or a wine-related one, be it wine accessories or fine finger-food fixins.) Like our uncouth, barely-civilized older stepbrother, woot.com, here you’ll find one-time-only prices that put the rest of the Internet to shame. Shame on you, Internet!”

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