Fine… I’ll Have A Beer

Although the true nature of this blog is to educate and share stories and adventures encompassing wine, I also realize that there are many situations when ordering a glass of wine at a sports bar, beer garden etc. that might not be “appropriate” or even delectable.    Therefore, I came across this interesting/helpful article from lending tips and proper etiquette for finding a beer you like and moving forward from there….  Highlights from the article are below, however click the link above to read in full.

So all of you beer haters/wine lovers take a look and you may find just the beer that satisfies you just as nice glass of vino does… (this mostly relates to some of my friends who know who they are :) )

“If you’re a fan of light, crisp sauvignon blancs, taste a Pilsner; a golden, malty and well-hopped lager (a generic name for pale, cold-fermented, cold-aged beer).

Chardonnay drinkers, along with anyone who enjoys full-bodied chenin blanc or dry Riesling, should appreciate a crisp India Pale Ale (IPA) or smooth wheat beer. Blue Moon Belgian White Ale and Hoegaarden White Beer

People who like wine with a little oomph like cabernet or zinfandel might enjoy the heavier, higher alcohol brews available – porter and stout. This is where the chocolate and coffee thing comes in, often on the finish or when you first taste the foam. Try Guinness

Beer Etiquette

1. Don’t drink good beer from the bottle. Beer, like wine, needs to have contact with the air to allow its flavors and aromas to evolve.

2. Forget the frosted mugs, which cool the beer down to a temperature that doesn’t allow you to enjoy the full flavor of beer and can form ice crystals, resulting in watered-down beer.

3. Take the time to enjoy a fine beer: Pour it gently, savoring the aromas that are released as it flows into the glass. Hold the beer up to the light to admire the colors, then sip it slowly, moving it around your tongue to experience the beer’s body and flavor. Swallow the beer slowly to assess the finish: Does the bitterness at the back of your tongue balance the malt sweetness?”

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  • Adam Muriello

    Too often i chug beer. Great find! What would be the wine equivalent to coors light?

    • winepugnyc

      Probably a Box O’ Wine…….

  • Oliver

    So WinePugNYC, what beer would you choose?

    BTW, this is also key for ballparks and arenas. I would also add, for those that prefer a sweet riesling, malt liquor mixed with Sunny D is superb.

    • winepugnyc

      Since I like a dry crisp white on a hot day I would have a Hoegaarden… It is very refreshing and has a very crisp taste to it! Very interesting combo you have suggested, is there a certain name that goes along with that?

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