Medi Winebar – Muriel Rioja

I enjoyed a great glass of red Rioja last night in Hell’s Kitchen @ the new Mediterranean fusion spot – Medi Winebar with a very close friend and marathon STAR!

We sat down and we’re immediately told about the restaurant’s concept, the wine and cocktail list!  Not only is it reasonably priced food wise it has an extensive wine list for very low to moderately priced wines which is perfect for an after work glass with a few appetizers (which is exactly what we did).   They have about 25 white wines to choose from and over 50 reds from many regions including: Greece, Spain, Italy, France, Turkey, Montenegro, Lebanon, Israel, and a few more!  We were in the mood for a nice red, not too expensive that would be enjoyable for our catch-up convo!  They did a great job at recommending and suggested the Muriel Rioja Crianza 2005, a Spanish wine that had a very smooth finish at a great price.  We were very pleased and they even offered to top us off with a half glass of wine each so we didn’t have to get another full glass and rush at the end of our meal.

The inside of the wine bar was also very cute and Mediterranean looking with dark wooden decor, chalk-grey wooden tables, and a white marble bar.  A very nice addition to Hell’s Kitchen wine bars!    Bravo!

Style: A little fruity with a hint of cherry.  Spicy and textured.  Very smooth with a long lasting taste

Medi Wine Bar: $9 per glass, $18 per craft, $26 per bottle

Retails: Around $15 in store


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  • Adam Muriello

    MURIEL -> of course you like it!!!