Tapas and Sherry – A Love Story…

Let’s praise Spain and Sherry for inventing one of the most raved about food concepts in the US and even specifically NYC – Tapas! Way back when in Andalusian, Spain, after a hard days work men would go out to taverns and order something to take the edge off – drink of choice, Sherry.  Since sherry is so sweet, it would attract fruit flies which as you can image was problematic and clearly annoying.  So, bartenders/owners began to serve their sherry with a piece of bread that hovered over the glass to prevent the fruit flies from attacking.  Then to top that, meat was also served, as it triggers thirst, thus creating more business for the taverns.  Then in lieu of competition, other restaurants started to embrace the positive feedback and trend, enough to start to offer a variety of other small snacks and plates to go along with the sherry which increased customers and alcohol sales.

Of course, gratefully this concept caught on and spiralled out of control and now there are numerous tapas restaurants all over the world… Too many to count in NYC however, one of my favorites is ALTA!

Here are some great sherries to impress your friends with when you are entertaining… for a great price too! Remember, they last a very long time so it’s ok to spend a little extra on a great Sherry!

Jerez, Matusalem Oloroso Dulce Muy Viejo, G. Byass – Retails $66 - Tastes of hazelnut, really mature fruit of prunes and figs. Very delicious and sweet

Bodegas Dios Baco Jerez-Xeres-Sherry Oloroso – Retails $24.00 – Similar in taste with the above however has a spicier finish

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