Celebrate Champagne and You!

Celebration usually equals limitless amounts of bubbly, but why deprive ourselves of drinking the stuff that makes us feel so good and giddy inside to a few times a year (graduations, bdays, holidays, wedding etc…). Why not indulge and seize the moment when we have this craving for the ‘good stuff’ and treat ourselves to a glass or two!

Of course I love the pinots, roses, zins, but sometimes (well a lot of the times) when I go out especially with the girls, I want (we all want) a nice refreshing glass to get us in the mood through it’s tornado of bubbles and crisp taste.  Many a nights we have champagne night where we just sip on champagne all night long vs. wine, beer or mixed drinks – something about those bubbles after a long work week just make everything so much better!! I have yet to see a champagne drinker with a frown on their face. It’s truely a “happy” drink!

So instead of creating an excuse to drink it, as Nike would say, just do it and cheers to life! Because that is what champagne is really about the celebration of YOU and that’s everyday!!

Champagne Reco’s From Across The Spectrum!

2007 Brut Rose from Gloria Ferrer Caves and Vineyards (~$28) – This sparkling wine with a beautiful golden/rose color from Sonoma Valley has an elegant blend of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir that makes it a special treat with an outdoor breakfast or goes well with a fabulous picnic in the park!  Enjoy with strawberries, Italian bread and fine cheese!  Enjoy!

Brut Rose NV from J Vineyards (~$30) – From the Russian River Valley, this sparkling rose is a delicious pink color that tastes as good as it looks!  Lots of fresh fruits in this sparkling along with a balanced long lasting finish.  Another great rose to take with you to the pool and soak in the bubbles!

Prosecco di Conegliano, Brut, Zardetto, NV. (~$11) – 95% Prosecco, 5% Chardonnay, this light crisp wine is full of bubbles and is sure to wake you up and get you in the mood for some fun!  Hints of apple and a residual sweetness, great served before dinner with melon and prosciutto!

Paringa Sparkling Shiraz ’08 (~$21) – From Southern Australia this is an extremely refreshing sparkling drink with lots of dark cherry and plums!  Many people don’t know about this rarity and it’s a great conversation starter.  Share this great summertime drink at BBQ’s, and any sort of salty nuts and apps!

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