Wine Wonders

Presentation is everything when sharing a great bottle of wine with guests.  The first impression of a bottle of wine can be unforgettably great or could leave a bad taste in your mouth if you don’t put in a little thought.  Take pride in your bottle of wine you will be serving at your next party and have a look at some inspiring ideas below to make your wine serving that much more exquisite and enjoyable by all!

‘Gemmed’ Gold wine holder – Found on  Elle Decor {here}

Metal and silver coasters – found at ABC Carpet NYC

A piece of home decor and a wine holder in one!  Great presentation for a great wine! – Conch shell bottle holder found on {here} (my recent purchase thanks to Dem!)

Put these diamond bow napkin holders around the neck of your wine bottle to add some glam to the night – found at ABC Carpet NYC

Beautiful celestial coasters for ‘beachy chic’ themed party – found at Anthropologie {here} (a wonderful gift thanks to Lauren!)

Winepug’s Holiday Gift Guide!

At last, it’s the most joyous time of year filled with love, music and happiness!  I think that gift giving and spreading holiday cheer to a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger is the most satisfying feeling ever!  I love seeing people smile and making their day with a great gift (whether it costs money or is a DIY)!  That being said, winepugnyc is proud to share with you the 2011 gift giving guide for all of the wine lovers in your life! Take a peak and enjoy!

1. Their perfect coffee table book {here}; 2.Tory Burch wine carrier for the uber stylish {here}; 3. Fabulous Champagne Ornament for those bubbly lovers {here}; 4.For those who like to swirl {here}; 5. Swanson’s fabulous night cap for the person who has everything {here} 6. The Gift of selection for the undecided from {here} 7. Classic Cakebread {here} 8. Beautiful for entertaining {here}; 9. A rustic and stylish display {here}; 10. Modern and fashionable way to drink wine {Black - here and Clear - here}

Cakebread – A Little Taste of Heaven

I took an amazing trip to San Francisco in October during “Fleet Week” where we carved out a day to travel to Napa to taste the finest of wines!  We were lucky enough to have a private tour of Cakebread Cellars with the lead educator of the winery.  We were able to taste the grapes right off the vine, smell the oak of the barrels while the wine fermented, see the grapes full with rich color, and tasted the most magnificent reds and whites I have ever tasted.  The spirit and and history that you feel when you are circling the vineyard sipping on a Chardonnay on a sunny fall day really takes you over and you get lost in the scenery that surrounds you.

Beautiful mountains and green acres of what will soon be in a glass at your finest dinner party is what we experienced… Throughout our tour we sipped on a Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and many more.  Next time you go to Napa go to Cakebread and enjoy the most amazing wines I’ve tasted thus far in my journey through wine!

We also received a bottle of one of their finest reds that I have yet to try… a 2003 Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Cabernet Sauvignon….  Any suggestions on when to open it?  Of course a truly remarkable evening it will be!! :)



Chardonnay Barrel

Beautiful Vines and Napa Mountains

Barrel Vault

Infamous bottle gifted - Have yet to open it :)yum!

Chardonnay Grapes!

Ceiling made out of Cakebread Corks!

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