Wine and Food – Elegance Slowly Dissolving??

I’ve seen a lot of articles this week about wine and food and how with some wine drinkers, food is lost… I found contradictory reviews regarding the matter and honestly did not come to a clear conclusion myself.

On one hand, I truly enjoy a great meal with a great pairing of wine.  When you find that perfect complement of food and wine balance, nothing tastes better and you want to savor that moment and taste forever.  It makes for great conversation and wine drinking that much more sociable and interactive.  Having one type of wine to go with appetizers, one with dinner, and a port with dessert, there’s your dinner party!  In fact, I am sitting here writing this sipping on a Château de Costis Grand Vin de Bordeaux 2009 (only $9.99 for an amazing Bordeaux) enjoying a piece of German “Chili” dark chocolate… what could be better?

On the other hand, I love drinking wine when I am out and without food you really soak up the tastes and activate all of your taste buds to experience the wine itself…. But I will say after a while of drinking red wine w/o food all I can think about is how a nice piece of cheese would taste!

So, I guess I like to do both, but is that such a bad thing?  I think as mentioned in my very first post – like wine, it is all about personal preference.  No one should tell you what to drink when and with what – that is up for you to decide with yourself, your taste buds and your company..

And to end, if you are hopelessly searching for what to pair with what wine… here’s a little tip – with whatever type of wine you are drinking make sure the food and wine both evenly represent itself taste wise in your mouth. If the food overpowers the wine (no good) and vice versa.. You have to find that perfect balance to experience that elegant finish… I would recommend experimenting with your friends and creating a fun wine/cooking night out of it!!

Here are some other POVs….. What do you guys think?

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