Chocolate + Wine = Heaven???

Oh my goodness, my two favorite things, chocolate and wine have been smooshed together!  I have yet to try it but it seems more like an after dinner drink complimented to any type of sweet dessert or fruit! I’m wondering how it tastes and even how this will do in restaurants and in stores?  I have a feeling it might not go over too well when ordering in a restaurant but you never know! I definitely want to give this a try!  A great new concept to bring to the wine world – Love it or Hate it?!  See some production and tasting notes below taken directly from the website Cocoa di Vine Chocolate & Wine


An intoxicating blend of chocolate  and wine, Cocoa di Vine* is the ultimate indulgence! The chocolate flavors are produced at one of the top creameries in the United States. The wine – a blend of Torrontes, Pedro Ximenez, and Moscato – was produced at a US winery as well, making this an all-American product.

Tasting Notes:

Rich, velvety-smooth chocolate flavors, combine with undertones of vanilla and caramel.  Best served chilled.  Enjoy within 9-12 when refrigerated or within 6 months when stored at room temperature.

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