Father’s Day Gift Guide – For Dad’s Who LOVE Wine

Say Happy Father’s Day to your wine loving DAD with these great gift ideas!

Make opening his favorite bottle that much easier with this effortless automatic electric wine opener from Brookstone!

To make Father’s Day that much more special, give a gift of customization so your Dad can pick out something special… Visit TastingRoom.com to find ‘bite size’ samplers of various wines for your Dad to experience and enjoy on his special day!

Skip the decanting by hand process and gift this fun Wine Aerator so he can quickly oxidize his favorite red wines and get on with the festivities!

Give an award-winning Merlot to your special Dad on his wonderful day!  Swanson Vineyards will make his entire day perfectly complete!

Mother’s Day – A Gift Guide for Mother’s Who Love Wine…

It’s that time fun time of year again to CELEBRATE our lovely MOTHER’S! For those Mother’s who LOVE wine like mine does, here are some great gifts she will die over!

Michael Wainwright’s “Venice Stemware –  Such a special glass for your mom to drink her mimosa’s or wine out of on her day!

2007 Alexis Wine and BonBons From Swanson Vineyard – Special bottle and chocolate to treat your ‘sweet’ and wonderful Mother with!

Maptote’s Wine Totes - Cute and trendy wine totes for when your mom picnics with the ladies or goes for drinks on the boat!

MacKenzie Childs “Flower Market” Wine Cooler  - A beautiful wine cooler to display your bottle of wine for your beautiful mother!

Angelica Fortified Wine from Swanson Vineyards - Have your mom sip on this sweetness after the days end and she will never forget who gave it to her and just how sweet she is!!

 “Wine Label” Pillows - She can decorate with her favorite grape varietal!  

Michael Aram’s Ocean Coral Wine Coaster & Stopper Set - How pretty is the coral while “keeping” your wine simultaneously!  A mother’s fun accessory when entertaining!

Jay Strongwater – Leopard Wine Stopper - Very elegant and chic just like our moms!

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