Happy Friday… From Portugal!

Well not really more like from NYC but it is a Portuguese kind of Friday for me and i’m loving it (and not just because I am 1/3rd)!  It’s a region that I do not drink often, yet when I do adventure into a bottle I just can’t get enough.  Lying between Lisbon and the small harbor of Porto Côvo, are beautiful vineyards that harvested the 2009 Portinho Do Côvo.  A bit of jammy-ness with ripened black fruits and hints of spice make for  a succulent wine with lovely tannins that are not too hard.  Time to take out the cheese and enjoy this perfect August night!  You should do the same .

Now Saude (to your health, in Portuguese)  and to the weekend! 

The 10 Commandments of Wine (From the Portuguese) 

1. Love wine above all things

2. Swear to drink it either in the summer or winter

3. Santificate bars and cellars

4. Honour either white and red

5. Start the day at least with one glass

6. Never mix water and wine

7. Never rob an empty bottle

8. Do not lie without being drunk

9. Just envy or desire a full bottle of good wine

10. Always drink it slowly but surely 

Thank you Lauren for this special gift from your journey to Portugal!

Happy Friday!

On this beautiful Friday, I would like to cheers to my wonderful friend that just moved into a fabulous new apartment and is living her dream one sip at a time!  I hope we all become SO inspired by our dreams that it sparks lightning underneath us and we start making moves and popping bubbly to celebrate!  Or if anything, indulge in some of your favorite Champagne and let the bubbly start inspiring you!

Cheers to inspiration and a fabulous weekend!

Photo compliments of the fab T.O!

Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! As you are gearing up for Superbowl weekend I hope you ring in this year’s greatest Sunday Funday in style with some pre-game Prosecco Momosas and some game time wine! Keep in touch with winepug though, she may be sharing some football and Champagne inspired desserts to bring to your tailgate!

Happy Superbowl Weekend!


Happy Friday!

Cheers to a very Happy Friday and weekend!  I am looking forward to a fabulous weekend in NYC with good friends sharing laughs and love over many bubbles trying to stay warm!  What will you be doing this weekend?  Anything fun planned?

(Photo taken from Noona Blog: Seoul {here})

Happy Friday! Happy Wine Drinking!

Happy Friday and Happy Wine Drinking!

No need to worry about being hungover this weekend with these “suckers” that will alleviate your headache/hangover!  They come in ginger, raspberry, or lime flavors for $4.50 and are a sure thing since they are developed by a registered nurse.

It provides you with enough vitamins and essential oils to get your glucose level up which stops you from feeling dehydrated and just plain awful!

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SALUD! Drink to warm weather!!

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