Transitional Wines For Autumn

It’s that time of time of year!
To rejoin with friends from the summer and celebrate with cheer!

And what wine to drink?
Is the question to think!

The start of fall, although is confused with whites and reds
Finding that perfect transitional is where we are with our heads

So take a gander at the Autumn wines below
And enjoy these wines while embracing their halo

The Malbec is an excellent way of passage, as you will see
But there are many other varietals for the colder fall nights that are key!

Now try it and enjoy, please you tell me!

Harry Chamberlain Photography

The Malbec – Medium bodied reds that are for easy drinking and are filled with a bit of SPICE to perfectly match your Autumn fare!

  • 2010 Colores Del Sol Reserva Malbec, Mendoza,Argentina ($12): Alive with pepper and spice, finishes with full bodied fruits specifically dark cherry, well balanced
  • 2008 Urraca Mendoza Malbec ($19.99): A rich wine filled with ripe fruits with a very well balanced finish. A bit more sophisticated than the Colores Del Sol so perfect for your first fall feast with guests!
  • Bodegas Santa Ana Casa de Campo Reserva Malbec/Shiraz 2007 ($15.99): A fruitful burst w/ a bit of spice!  Perfect to pair with a brie with baked apples and cinnamon! What a lovely Fall treat!

**For more info and other great reco’s on Malbecs see: Malbec – The King of WINE (in Argentina) 

Pinot Noir – For the borderline fall/wintery nights when you just don’t want to leave and are tempted to start a fire.

  • 2009 DeLoach Russian River Valley Pinot Noir ($22): Ripe in cherry fruits, with a bunch of brown spices with very smooth tannins that are a bit romnatic

Shiraz – Spice overload with black pepper and fruit and anchoring tannins

  • R Wines Strong Arms Shiraz 2006, South Australia ($10):  Fruit bomb that is edged with spice and chocolate!  Cozy up with this spice box!

Ports – For those special post meal delights 

  • Duck Walk Blueberry Port ($13): A local fan favorite from the Hamptons and a great post meal conversation starter.  Try this bursting blueberry with a dark chocolate dessert!  Quack, quack!

Malbec – The King of WINE (in Argentina)

Malbec Grapes - Mendoza, Argentina

It’s a wine that is known for it’s incredible taste and beautiful heritage that becomes more and more popular in the US.  Distinctively known as home to Argentina, Malbec is an exquisite red wine and the only red that I know of where the grape ties so closely back to it’s origins.  It has a beautiful red violet color with a depth in taste yet still remains fresh and “deep” berry flavors (blackberry, boysenberry, plum).  The grape’s importance to its culture makes this wine that much more enjoyable to drink because of it’s story and provenance.

Some interesting details into the grape’s agriculture and a few recommended Malbecs can be found in

One of my favorites full of berry, spice, sweet tannins with a long last finish – Familia Mayol Malbec Mendoza 2008.  Even the label is beautiful and comforting…. Try it out with a family style dinner of a hearty pasta or an assortment of cheeses.. Delectable!

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