Celebrate Winoween w/ Orange Wine!

I know red, I know white, I know rose.. I know ORANGE? Not really!

How about trying out some Orange wines this weekend at your fabulous Winoween party! Orange wines are made from white grapes and when made into juice are kept in contact with their skins for a longer period of time (key wine making term maceration) to form an ‘organey’ color.  Because of this practice, their resistance to oxygen is increased which makes them much more sustainable when opened and exposed – Eh hem, perfect to serve for your 10hr Winoween party! However, I would start looking now for these wines as they are rare and a bit pricey!

Here are some great orange wines that will be hit!

Damijan Kaplja Bianco 2004 - Lemony on the nose, a thick wine with ripe fruit and sweetness, honey tasting in the finish (~$67 retail)

Channing Daughters’ 2008 Ramato Pinot Grigio – Orange zest in aroma, a very crisp vibrant wine with a bit of nutty undertones in the finish (~$22 retail)

2007 Coenobium Rusticum – Honey bursting with a bit of saltiness at the nose,  a bit citrusy and bright in taste with a hint of orange (~$35 retail)

Some other  SPOOOKY accessories to consider are these wine labels however, if you purchase any of these wines above I recommend putting these scary numbers on the back of the bottle so people can still make out the label since you did invest and orange wine is a hidden gem, to some……  


For more on Orange Wines:

Food Republic Blog: http://www.foodrepublic.com/2011/10/12/orange-you-glad-there%E2%80%99s-new-wine-color

Food and Wine Magazine: http://www.foodandwine.com/articles/red-white-and-orange-wines

And if you want some other Halloween appropriate wines for this weekend?  Try out some of these that are on Snooth’s Halloween Wine List and you are sure to get spooked – You’ll see names from the likes of Slaughterhouse Cellars, Party With The Devil, Bull’s Blood and more!

Snooth.com: http://www.snooth.com/articles/five-wines-for-halloween/

How To Remember The Wines You Love!

It’s always hard when you are on the go and constantly let the city life, or just life in general, get the best of you and you forget to stop and remember what you enjoyed most about the day.  Was it the sight of that first flower blooming in central park, your sighting of SPRING! Or was it the wine that you just drank and darn it, you forgot the name and varietal already!  Well, we are all guilty of letting the busyness of life take over, I know I am, so I have put together a short list for those wine lovers out there who simply always forget the wines they love at dinner or wherever you happen to be!

  1.  Take a picture, it will last longer.  Yes we know the saying, but it’s true! It’s so easy to take out our phones (when appropriate) and take a picture and save it in our personal library.  Might as well make a conversation starter out of it, so warn people when you are about to do this so it doesn’t seem like you are being rude reaching for your phone!  Next thing you know, everyone at the table will be taking pictures of the wonderful label and even each other!
  2. SHARE… through a wine tasting!  We all know the most memorable moments are spent with friends and family laughing and sharing stories.  Host your own wine tasting and you will surely remember all the wines you enjoyed with your friends and family.  It’s easy to remember something when you tie it back to a story or a great convo you were having while enjoying
  3. Save the mini version!  Tastingroom.com is a great sampling program that allows you to taste sample sizes of an assortment of wines with the same quality as in the bottle!  Try a sample and since the bottle is so small, you can keep them around the house, put them in a ‘wine box’ filled with your favorites and you can have access to your favorite wine names whenever you are around!
  4. Save the corks! Easy peasey!
  5. APPS! Everyone is doing it!  Explore some mobile apps and download your favorites where you can collect a wine cellar virtually and have them accessible at all times.  Some great ones: WineHQ – http://www.winehq.org/;  Snooth Wine Pro – http://www.snooth.com/iphone-app/; HelloVino – http://www.hellovino.com/; Cor.kz – http://cor.kz/
  6. Savor what you drink.  Slow down and enjoy what you are drinking, savor it and talk about it with everyone.

Happy Drinking!

For a great article on the top 10 best wine applications visit Mashable -http://mashable.com/2010/11/15/apps-for-wine-enthusiasts/

And for all of you Beer lovers, have no fear, Mashable’s Top Ten Apps are here - http://mashable.com/2010/01/13/iphone-beer-apps/

Vibrant Rioja Grand Tasting

To continue my Spain/Rioja journey last week, I had the opportunity to taste supple yet powerful wines of Spain at the Vibrant Rioja tasting hosted by Snooth.com.  Tempranillo, mazuelo, granacha were grapes tossed around all night while sipping, slurping, and rolling around wine in our mouths.  Lots of vibrant fruits like strawberries, black cherries and raspberries with a hint of spicy elements were apparent after about two tasting tables.  Spanish inspired food and music were also lingering in the background adding that authenticity and custom flair.  Loved sipping on a Grand Riserva enjoying a nice slider – of course tapas inspired!

Each bottle was distinctive to it’s provenance and message.  Beautiful wines suited their bottles as they all had a very aesthetic elegance and prestige look to them making some seem very intimidating while others had a more casual spin and less serious image that were fun and playful to drink!    Overall a lovely event full of color and liveliness.  My reco is to try and embrace all types of Rioja (white, red, rose) and enjoy the vast history and story that comes with every bottle… So grab a glass sit back and enjoy the slideshow!   ¡salud!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Look closely, the netting on the bottle is custom to Spanish wines..

Virtual Tastings

It’s always nice to know what to taste in a wine, how to properly taste, descriptive wine words etc. However, through text it sometimes sounds all the same and confusing, which is why more and more bloggers/experts are starting to go virtual with their wine tastings making it more interactive and experiential for YOU!  I’ve seen great examples and platforms of this in WineLibraryTV (now DailyGrape.com), Snooth.com, and of course VineTalk which is an actual TV show!  Below is a scheduled virtual tasting of the Frei Brothers Reserve that you can enjoy even if your not in the market to make a trip to Wine Country anytime soon, here you’ll be able to expereince coast-to-coast toasting and tasting!  Snooth.com periodically host’s these virtual interviews which is a great way to learn the speak of wine!  Check the brother’s out on April 20th at 9pm EST.  They even give you a link to buy the wines to join in!!  Cheers!

Frei Brothers Reserve

Airs on April 20 2011 at 9:00 PM est

From Frei Ranch in Healdsburg, Calif., Viticulturist Jim Collins joins Greg in New York City for a taste of Frei Brothers Reserve’s exceptional wines. Tune in to discover how the winery’s sustainable winemaking practices—like habitat preservation and repurposed rainwater—translate to award-winning Sonoma County vintages that help preserve the very land on which they’re grown. RSVP now for this true Coast-to-Coast Toast to Earth Day!

Go here to purchase wines for the tasting and to find out how to save 15% off your order. You can also get free shipping by entering the code EARTH DAY at checkout. Place your order by Monday, April 11th (East Coast) or Thursday, April 14th (West Coast) to ensure your wine arrives in time for the tasting.

Read more: http://www.snooth.com/virtual-tasting/video/frei-brothers-reserve/#ixzz1JdYyEPj6

Upcoming Wine Events – NYC

Gramercy: Tom Colicchio’s 15th Annual “Toast to the Children” benefit for the pediatric programs at Bellevue Hospital will be May 10 from 7:30 to 10 p.m. at Riverpark. Tickets are $250 for GA and $450 for Patrons (with a VIP access) for the grand food and wine tasting of fifteen restaurants and thirteen wine purveyors. [Grub Street]

Sign up for Snooth.com to be eligable for the fabulous tastings below!

Vibrant Rioja’s Grand Tasting

May 5 2011, 6:00 – 8:30 PM EST
608 West 28th Street

Snooth Exclusive:
FREE TASTING EVENT—only for Snooth Users!
For the first time ever, Vibrant Rioja, the organization that promotes The Rioja wine region of Spain, is opening its doors to a grand tasting event normally only open to folks that work in the wine biz—and we’ve got tickets!
We’re bringing the first 250 Snooth Users who RSVP with us to get an inside look—and taste—of:

  • Over 300 wines from top producers
  • Cuisine from all over the world in a global food lounge
  • Live DJ

Read more: http://www.snooth.com/event/rioja-grand-tasting/#ixzz1Ir3c1jT9

GA + Snooth Media Wine Tasting Series: Juslyn Vineyards Napa Valley Vertical Tasting
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM (ET)
New York, United States

Wine Glass Guide A-Z

Snooth.com displays a very clear and succinct explanation on the usage of different shaped wine glasses.  A great read for a simplified guide to your perfect glass paired with your perfect wine… Snooth.com is also an amazing site for deals on wine, guide to great wine stores, and other news items within the industry.  They present it in a very fun and accessible way so that it’s an easy read while still engaging.  They also have a great mobile app too!  Take a look! :)


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