How To Remember The Wines You Love!

It’s always hard when you are on the go and constantly let the city life, or just life in general, get the best of you and you forget to stop and remember what you enjoyed most about the day.  Was it the sight of that first flower blooming in central park, your sighting of SPRING! Or was it the wine that you just drank and darn it, you forgot the name and varietal already!  Well, we are all guilty of letting the busyness of life take over, I know I am, so I have put together a short list for those wine lovers out there who simply always forget the wines they love at dinner or wherever you happen to be!

  1.  Take a picture, it will last longer.  Yes we know the saying, but it’s true! It’s so easy to take out our phones (when appropriate) and take a picture and save it in our personal library.  Might as well make a conversation starter out of it, so warn people when you are about to do this so it doesn’t seem like you are being rude reaching for your phone!  Next thing you know, everyone at the table will be taking pictures of the wonderful label and even each other!
  2. SHARE… through a wine tasting!  We all know the most memorable moments are spent with friends and family laughing and sharing stories.  Host your own wine tasting and you will surely remember all the wines you enjoyed with your friends and family.  It’s easy to remember something when you tie it back to a story or a great convo you were having while enjoying
  3. Save the mini version! is a great sampling program that allows you to taste sample sizes of an assortment of wines with the same quality as in the bottle!  Try a sample and since the bottle is so small, you can keep them around the house, put them in a ‘wine box’ filled with your favorites and you can have access to your favorite wine names whenever you are around!
  4. Save the corks! Easy peasey!
  5. APPS! Everyone is doing it!  Explore some mobile apps and download your favorites where you can collect a wine cellar virtually and have them accessible at all times.  Some great ones: WineHQ –;  Snooth Wine Pro –; HelloVino –; –
  6. Savor what you drink.  Slow down and enjoy what you are drinking, savor it and talk about it with everyone.

Happy Drinking!

For a great article on the top 10 best wine applications visit Mashable -

And for all of you Beer lovers, have no fear, Mashable’s Top Ten Apps are here -

Top Mobile Wine Apps, Salud!

I’ve been using a lot of Wine apps lately that have helped to navigate me in my wine journey!  These are super helpful when trying to find that perfect bottle for the right occasion and great for when you are in the wine store in a rush and on the GO!  PalatePress has offered a thorough list of current top apps that are super useful, even one’s that I’ve use!  Out of the below, I use Snooth (free version) which offers a search for wine stores near you or by price and grape, ability to write reviews, and even save your wishlist.  I also use, Drync Wine (free version) to aggregate my “cellar” and see top wines at the current moment, Hello Vino to gain insight and inspiration for my next meal and complementary wine to serve, and Local Wine Events for local tastings/classes.

Another one of the below apps that is very unique and extremely convenient  -  NatDecants. It allows you to search food first then your wine and vice versa while being very specific with your choices and pairings and as an added bonus has custom recipes!  For all of you beer/spirits drinkers – there is something here for you too!

Take a look, test them out and find one that works the best to make your decisions and……DRINK!

Below IApp exploratory from

The Very Best Wine iApps

April 10, 2011 by Paul Mabray
Filed under FCGFeatured Stories

It’s been a year since our last iPhone report and the market has spoken.  Mobile is here in force.  Last year we looked at 75 wine iPhone apps that more than quadrupled since that time.  With so many new apps we categorized them, explored their models, and measured them across twenty different factors.  What we found was incredibly interesting and we have chosen to represent it in an infographic.  This year we also chose the “26 Most Promising Apps for Wine.”  These apps crossed multiple categories and though none were perfect, they all represented incredibly innovative features, powerful tool sets, and incredible potential.  We were heavily influenced by apps that helped either consumers or wineries succeed in the mobile arena.  There were quite a few repeats from last year but definitely quite a few new players.  These are the ones to watch and it will be interesting to see how they improve to make consumers and wineries use them on a daily basis.  Mobile is here and wine is now in your pocket.

A few notes to our infographic legend to help you understand some of the less obvious categories:

Business Model:

  • Extension – this is usually a free app that is an extension of the company’s core business used for more branding or mobile exposure/usage (e.g. The Wine Spectator Vintage Chart).
  • Freemium – A free app used to get the consumer to upgrade to a paid app or paid service.
  • Startup – No clear model yet.

App Types:

  • Combo – Two categories as MAJOR features of the app combined to form a more powerful combination.  e.g.  Food pairing plus journaling.


And now for the results.

Click for a larger image

(Click picture for a larger image)

Let’s break that down a bit.


Wines and Vines
Daily Grape
Vintage Chart


Nat Decants
Hello Vino
Snooth Wine Pro

Watson’s Wine


the girl & the fig


Wine Events

Utility and Winery

Share the Love


Social Grapes
RedWhite BOS
Drync Wine
Wine Angel
Wine Cellar Prof

Paul Mabray has been in the wine and spirits industry for over seventeen years. He has worked for Napa Ale Works, Niebaum~Coppola, WineShopper/ and also was the North American Beverage Consultant for Sumitomo Corporation of America from 2002 through 2005. He founded Inertia in 2002 as one of the first major companies established to bridge the barrier between wineries and their customers. Paul Mabray was CEO from 2003 until 2008 creating the largest and most powerful e-commerce platform for the wine industry, the Rethink Engine. VinTank is a continuation of his desire to help revolutionize the wine industry through e-business and innovative digital products and marketing.

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