Karl Lagerfeld Designs Glassware…

How enchanting and stunning will Karl’s wine glasses be? I’m sure very, and for a pretty penny too!

This just in from WWD:

ART OF GLASS: Karl Lagerfeld can now sip his Diet Coke from a glass of his own design — and one handblown in Sweden, no less. For his first foray into crystal, the designer teamed up with Orrefors, which will launch a co-branded range of glasses and vessels in September in Europe and in mid-October at Bloomingdale’s in the U.S. Lagerfeld hosted a lunch in Paris on Tuesday to unveil the project; four pristine white tables were laid out with his streamlined stemware, a circle of white roses as the centerpiece. Noticing that even the humblest of cups get their own saucers, Lagerfeld created sleek, monogrammed coasters for his angular Champagne flutes, wine and water glasses to keep table linens immaculate. Lagerfeld — who noted that his last name is Swedish — lauded the haute craftsmanship of Orrefors, founded in 1898. “It’s not like cheap perfume bottles,” he said. Indeed, prices run from about 90 euros, or $131.50 at current exchange rates, for a Champagne flute up to 1,100 euros, or $1,600, for a large vase.


FishTag is a wonderful very fresh seafood restaurant on the Upper West Side.  The great thing about the menu is that it is coded by wine types.  The wine list had wines listed under categories and on the menu specified what “category” went with what dish/appetizer so we didn’t even have to think twice about what we were pairing our wines with – it was spelled out for you!  But I am not a food critic my love is for wine, so onto the good stuff!!

Just to start, I loved the wine glasses they had as they had little tags carved into them. Get it – Fish TAG.  I liked it! I tried to capture it below but it’s a little unclear…

We started off with a sweeter wine that was very “florally” in smell and taste.  Bodega Colome Torrontes 2008, White Wine, Argentina, South America. It had a grapefruit, lemon, light mineral, lavender, and even a little honeysuckle taste to it which was pleasant to sip on with our assortment of cheeses prior to our meal.  A very bright wine that you can only have a glass or two of.

We then switched to something our palates would really react to, a white that was on the other end of the spectrum and provided a major shock value to our taste buds which we needed after the sweeter floral sipping wine.  We enjoyed a 2009 Spyros Hatziyiannis Assyrtiko (Greece, Aegean, Santorini) which was a bolder wine and much more “minerally” so we really experienced a nice full bodied, more acidic wine to enjoy with our main course (fish, Lamb Burger, roasted salmon etc…)  Not only did we enjoy this wine but our “sommelier” told a wonderful story of how grapes are grown in Santorini seeing as the climate is windy and hot!  (Love the place but clueless when it comes to their wines!)!  Oh ya and shout out to my greek momma – Demi! Dem – if you have other suggestions please share!

A little history:  Basically the Asyrtiko is a white Greek wine grape home to the island of Santorini  Despite weather conditions as I mentioned  the grapes survives and actually thrives due to the traditional “koulara,” a grape growing method that weaves the vine into a basket allowing the grapes to grow on the inside covered by the vine’s foliage and are protected from the harsh outside conditions. Vines are generally woven until yields are considered too low and nutrients to scare (around age 70) and are then clipped at their roots. A new vine is then grown onto the existing rootstock. This is important because the existing vines roots have grown deep into the soil to obtain the moisture stored in the pumice soils from the morning mists. [CellarTracker Integrated Wiki]

So overall, a great restaurant and a wine list that is very easy to navigate with a variety of interesting regions!  Great for double dates :)

Another “drink” definition I was made aware of that night (not at FT) was – SNAKEBITE – Half Beer/Half Cider..

WSJ – For Drinking Champagne & Wine on the Go


Check out these amazing champagne glasses that are “elegant, shatterproof, reusable, and recyclable!”  So practical for a day/evening on a boat, near a pool, beach etc etc!  They also have stemless wine “glasses” for you favorite wine!  See their website Govino for more production and general details!  Below is an article from the WSJ where I found these magnificent glasses!

For Drinking Champagne on the Go


By Lettie Teague

Combining Champagne with plastic might seem counter intuitive, but there are some settings where the pairing could actually be right. For example, at a celebration aboard an unstable boat. Or, next to any body of water (pool, ocean or lake). Or in the hands of a large group of friends.

Govino has just released the latest in its series of shatterproof plastic flutes in a smart set of four ($12.95). The vessels are almost as attractive as they are practical. Styled with an indented ‘thumb’ spot, they hold eight ounces of Champagne. Or sparkling wine — which is what I poured into my ‘vessel.’

Sampled against a standard plastic flute (the kind used in office parties and cheap catering halls) the Govino looked classier  and felt good in the hand, though alas, the bubbles did flatten out.

Wine Glass Guide A-Z

Snooth.com displays a very clear and succinct explanation on the usage of different shaped wine glasses.  A great read for a simplified guide to your perfect glass paired with your perfect wine… Snooth.com is also an amazing site for deals on wine, guide to great wine stores, and other news items within the industry.  They present it in a very fun and accessible way so that it’s an easy read while still engaging.  They also have a great mobile app too!  Take a look! :)


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