Vibrant Rioja Grand Tasting

To continue my Spain/Rioja journey last week, I had the opportunity to taste supple yet powerful wines of Spain at the Vibrant Rioja tasting hosted by  Tempranillo, mazuelo, granacha were grapes tossed around all night while sipping, slurping, and rolling around wine in our mouths.  Lots of vibrant fruits like strawberries, black cherries and raspberries with a hint of spicy elements were apparent after about two tasting tables.  Spanish inspired food and music were also lingering in the background adding that authenticity and custom flair.  Loved sipping on a Grand Riserva enjoying a nice slider – of course tapas inspired!

Each bottle was distinctive to it’s provenance and message.  Beautiful wines suited their bottles as they all had a very aesthetic elegance and prestige look to them making some seem very intimidating while others had a more casual spin and less serious image that were fun and playful to drink!    Overall a lovely event full of color and liveliness.  My reco is to try and embrace all types of Rioja (white, red, rose) and enjoy the vast history and story that comes with every bottle… So grab a glass sit back and enjoy the slideshow!   ¡salud!

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Look closely, the netting on the bottle is custom to Spanish wines..

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