Waffles and Wine on a Friday!

Who knew that a casual after work drink could lead to a fun night at home with a waffle maker and wine!  I must say, tonight I discovered a great pairing that was definitely not in the plans for this evening, but I just couldn’t resist!  A great dessert treat – chocolate and peanut butter chip whole wheat waffles paired with a Pinot Noir from the Sonoma Coast!  How delicious.  See the steps unfold below and try this next time you are having a relaxing Friday night and are looking for a dessert idea with wine of course!

1 egg, cup of skim milk, 2 tbsp olive oil, cup and half of whole wheat pancake mix – easy peasy!

Mix batch well!

Pour batch into waffle maker. Add in decorations (i.e. the good stuff) chocolate and peanut butter bits

Leave for a few minutes in waffle maker until it’s a magnificent golden brown

Serve on a large plate with maple syrup and whatever other additions you’d like (strawberries, whipped cream) and Viola!  A lovely dessert or breakfast!

Pair it with a Pinot Noir for a dessert and you will be in heaven… trust me!

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  • Lorraine Muriello

    Fantastic can’t wait to try it

    • http://winepugnyc.wordpress.com winepugnyc

      Thank you! It was delish!

  • http://sassyvine.wordpress.com Shannon

    awesome recipe! cant wait to try it!

    • http://winepugnyc.wordpress.com winepugnyc

      Thanks! It is so simple and you will be surprised how well it goes with Pinot Noir! It was simply divine!

  • Kara Johnston

    This looks amazing! You should try some of the Pinot Noirs coming out of Oregon – truly the best.

    • http://winepugnyc.wordpress.com winepugnyc

      I actually need to plan a trip to Oregon to experience the Willamette Valley Wine Country! I still have yet to venture that way. One day… Thank you for the reco!