WINE SPOT - Wine Bar . Tapas . Cheese – 127 Macdougal St. NY, NY

I went to ‘Wine Spot’ the other night to try out this tiny wine bar in the West Village with a few BFF’s!  The entrance was super cute with a lit up sign and tea lighted lanterns on brick stairs leading you underground into the bar.  Since it’s below Tea Spot it seemed like sort of a “blind driveway” type of bar where it can be easily missed and overlooked.  The tiny “self seated” wine bar is a true wine bar with mini bites, tapas, cheese plates and a small list of select wines along with wine flights.  It had a sort of Tuscan or French provenance feel to it through the wooden decor with red accents and a “candlelit” fireplace.  Unfortunately, it was extremely hot as the AC was broken however, we made the best of the situation and still had a great time.  On the “bites” menu the cheeses match what you are drinking “red plate” or “white plate” which makes it easy to order off of since you don’t have to select the cheeses yourself.

As for the wine, they have a great wine flight menu that features three regions all having 4 wines within each region.  The regions they cover are Spain, California, and Italy.  The wine selections are very unique yet affordable and seemed to cover the regions well through the selection. The regular wine menu had yet more great wine selections from an array of areas that look to have been very carefully picked to be on that wine list.  The prices are very reasonable and they definitely have a heavy hand when pouring so you get the most for your buck!

The one thing that was a negative to us was that the waitress didn’t really know what to recommend when we described what we were looking for.  For a wine bar, that is a major turn off as we are going there to learn and sip on great wines! Regardless we went with a nice white Sauvignon Blanc from Woolaston, New Zealand.  This was a nicely crisp and semi-sweet wine that was refreshing and cooled us off!

Overall, a very cute wine bar that we all thought would be great for a late night glass of wine and drink after a date or party when you need that extra glass before going home!  It is also apart of the “New Wine University” so they have tasting events/lessons all the time which is another great time to go here!

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