WSJ – For Drinking Champagne & Wine on the Go


Check out these amazing champagne glasses that are “elegant, shatterproof, reusable, and recyclable!”  So practical for a day/evening on a boat, near a pool, beach etc etc!  They also have stemless wine “glasses” for you favorite wine!  See their website Govino for more production and general details!  Below is an article from the WSJ where I found these magnificent glasses!

For Drinking Champagne on the Go

By Lettie Teague

Combining Champagne with plastic might seem counter intuitive, but there are some settings where the pairing could actually be right. For example, at a celebration aboard an unstable boat. Or, next to any body of water (pool, ocean or lake). Or in the hands of a large group of friends.

Govino has just released the latest in its series of shatterproof plastic flutes in a smart set of four ($12.95). The vessels are almost as attractive as they are practical. Styled with an indented ‘thumb’ spot, they hold eight ounces of Champagne. Or sparkling wine — which is what I poured into my ‘vessel.’

Sampled against a standard plastic flute (the kind used in office parties and cheap catering halls) the Govino looked classier  and felt good in the hand, though alas, the bubbles did flatten out.

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  • lauren

    love these! great for champy on the terrace- !!!! :)